The whole universe and all the objects from everyday life that we can bump into, touch and squeeze are composed of atoms. This atomic matter is in turn made up of interacting subatomic particles, usually a nucleus of protons and neutrons, and a cloud of orbiting electrons.

When realizing visions, 'luck' is created. With the combination of luck and the right matter, beautiful things are brought to life. That is how the company name 'Lucky Matter' originated.'

Lucky Matter is a young and dynamic company located in the center of Rotterdam, one of the biggest port cities in the world. We have chosen for this Rotterdam because of its great location. From here we spread our brands into the markets of several countries in Europe. We stand for trust, quality products and good relations with our partners. We have great knowledge of marketing, sales and distribution. 

We are a corporation that strives for innovations which make living more pleasurable in all kind of sectors. We sell enervating new products which are world changing. We are specialized in distributing these products throughout the Benelux and Europe.